10 Chic & Environment-Friendly Flats From Rothy’s


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For women, a variety of footwear is needed for various occasions. If you are looking for comfortable and environmentally friendly shoes, for women, check out Rothy’s. Rothy’s is a brand that manufactures products from recycled materials. So far, it has repurposed 76,976,191 water bottles. Rothy’s contributes to saving the world by creating these products made from single-use plastic bottles that have been transformed into threads. Here are the top 10 shoes from Rothy’s that we think you should definitely add to your shoe collection in 2021.

These flat shoes are pointed and have an exciting metallic pattern of pink, gold, and turquoise that gives it a sparkly look, perfect for parties and day outs.

Of course, every girl needs a pair of plain white sneakers. The lace-up pair of shoes is very versatile and is perfect for shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, or whatever it is you ladies want to wear.

These Mary Janes are definitely perfect for all occasions. They look very pretty and classy and you can wear them with your favorite dresses even though they are flat. They also have a very unique style.

These shoes are very simple but also versatile. They are perfect for walking in the park or for casual day-outs.

This one is for animal print lovers. This pair comes in a midnight blue and camel color that gives off a desert vibe.

If you like something that goes up to your ankle, the perfect pair for you is the cheese. And in this moss color, you will certainly rock a grunge style.

Flat shoes are stapled shows. Rothy’s got the flats in this classy style of captoe black making the pair perfect for work.

Loafers are also stapled shoes and they are in this great sparkly but wild design in blue and brown for a more stylish vibe.

Who doesn’t like boots? Rothy’s also got its boots which come in brown and black and the cocoa brown is definitely a must-have! It is also made out of premium merino wool.

Another merino product is the merino loafer. The design walnut tweed simply makes it look fantastic. This shoe is great for women of all ages who just want to have a fun colorful pair of loafers.