7 Stylish Blue Light Glasses That Will Surel Get You Noticed

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Blue light glasses can be stylish and fun especially if they’re from Warby Parker. By just adding $50, you can include blue light filtering to these beautiful frames.

If you’re looking for a classic eyeglass frame, then the Mullins just might be what you need. This mid-century inspired frame will have you looking like a real gentleman. It’s as old school as it can get. This frame is perfect for individuals with an average face size.

This frame is perfect for those with a wide or broad face. This frame is kind of an oddity. It combines a rounded frame with a rectangular shape. So it’s not as squarish-looking as other similarly-shaped frames.

So you’re just a simple person looking for a simple frame. Then the Weathers will be right up your alley. Perfectly-suited for someone with an average-size face, this frame means business.

If you can’t decide between a round or a rectangular frame, the Dalton will be a perfect choice. Warby Parker’s signature Graduated Rivet design provides an added sense of studiousness to this frame.

It can be hard to decide between a round and a squarish frame, especially if you look good in both. The Layton can solve your dilemma. It is rounded at the bottom but angular on top. This is perfect for a woman with a narrow face.

Cat’s eyeglasses can be so sexy. But if you’re too shy to wear a provocative frame, then the Shea is a good choice. It features a cat’s eye frame but it still manages to look understated.

The Wright is a frame that you can take anywhere. It is very versatile and it has a style that looks at home no matter the situation and setting. This frame will suit those who have an average-size face.