7 Top Moisturizers for Every Skin Type


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If you want gorgeous skin, you have to keep it nourished. Moisturization is the key to skin that looks radiant, ravishing, and youthful. Don’t use subpar formulas though. Shower your skin in luxury with moisturizers crafted from the finest, most scientifically-innovative ingredients and it will reward you by looking truly spectacular.

Shopping for a new moisturizer? Here are 7 top moisturizers for every skin type.

Ideal for dry or aging skin, this weightless moisturizer delivers deep hydration. Skin is balanced while lines and wrinkles are smoothed. It leaves an illuminated and radiant appearance, plus the unique formula focuses on other signs of aging by revitalizing dehydrated skin, correcting age spots, and refining large pores.

Made for all skin types, this incredibly refreshing gel-cream formula gives instant moisture to thirsty skin. What’s more though is that it amps up that hydration by twice as much at the end of the day through an exclusive auto-replenishing technology that lasts up to 72 hours. Skin looks plump, dewy, and absolutely glowing.

For normal to dry skin, this lightweight formula creates intense moisture through time-release technology. For up to 24 hours, it brings hydration levels to the max to help attract and retain moisture deep in your skin. It leaves the complexion looking healthy and bright for an all-around fresh face!

This lightweight formula is great for any skin type and provides SPF 30 protection. Skin is left with a soft and supple feeling while being guarded from damaging sun rays that can cause premature aging. Included in the ingredient roster, squalane, which helps restore your skin’s natural balance of moisture.

Perhaps one of the most opulent ways to infuse your skin with moisturization is through this caviar cream from Switzerland brings powerful lifting and absolute indulgence. Skin becomes firmer and more elastic, plus the exclusive Cellular Complex by La Prairie leaves skin tighter and more supple. Sleek, stunning, and utterly immaculate, this is the moisturizer dreams are made of.

This luxurious cream for sensitive skin brings radiance and renewal to skin, just like the original formula. The texture is more supple though, and agreeable for sensitive skin types. Made with Miracle Broth™ it goes deep for replenishment and strength you’ll notice time and time again.

All skin types will love this food for skin with lightweight texture and antioxidant power. It instantly restores skin, brings back balance, and leaves it feeling nourished for an impeccable appearance.


Grab one of these incredible moisturizers today and get the skin you deserve!

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