9 Leggings You Need This Year

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Alright, girls, it’s time to make true on your commitment to go to the gym more. While the current pandemic is certainly putting physical gyms off the “go-to” list, that doesn’t mean setting up an at-home gym isn’t an available option. And one thing you need more than anything is a pair of stylish and sexy leggings you can wear at any time for any reason.

Completely waistband-free, these sleek and stretchy leggings are both durable as well as breathable. They feature Printed Power technology which specifically focuses on the stomach to ensure you are looking tabletop flat while wearing them. Perfect for out on the go or just in your everyday life.

If you were interested in getting a nice bum without all the intense working out, these are perfect for you. Available in Heather Grey, these soft, durable leggings help firm up your butt so that no matter where you’re at you are always looking good.

For those that want to look great without hurting any animals in the process, these faux leather croc leggings do it all. From helping flatten your gut and firming up your butt, to feeling great while wearing, you (and everyone around you) will love wearing these leggings.

Another pair of super sexy and super stylish faux leather, these Faux Leather Quilted Leggings prove that the quilted look is so in-fashion this year. One of their bestsellers, these leggings not only look great on their own but feel great when worn and tightens your butt so that it looks better than ever!

Made available in a bunch of colors (black, white, twilight rinse, and earthly taupe) these soft-knit leggings feel amazing when worn and look just like a pair of casual jeans. Instead of killing yourself with a pair of too-tight jeans, throw these on instead and feel amazing!

Perfect for hitting the club as well as hanging out around the house, these faux leather side stripe leggings will have everyone taking notice of you when you come by. Their firm fit around your hips while keeping everything in place around your waist means you will literally look and feel incredible.

Making you look good and feel good, these leggings are perfect for hitting the gym as well as hitting the bar. Either way, expect everyone to be giving you glances and compliments.

Offered in either very black or lapis night, these leggings use SPANX’s Performance Fabric and Thinfused shaping technology so that you feel just as snugly in place without the use of a waistband.

Completely waistband-free, these leggings still are able to perfectly ensure that your tummy is as targeted and focused on as before in addition to your firmed butt.