Organization Hacks That Spark Such Joy, Even Marie Kondo Will Try Them

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Ever since Marie Kondo appeared on Netflix to spark joy and help people with the clutter in their homes, everyone has been inspired and filled with ideas to help them get off their couch and start looking closely at everything in their homes. After all, no one wants to spend an hour looking for that missing sock or your favorite shirt. That’s just a waste of time which you can spend doing more important things. Clutter limbo is a bad place to be, and nobody wants to dig that hole deeper. Since Marie Kondo came to our consciousness to bless us with immaculately clean and organized closets, people on the Net have also posted their organizational hacks to help others, and we are thankful for them. They have made our lives easier. In the spirit of sparking joy, we have here organization hacks that will make you want to clean and arrange the things in your home, too.

Charming craft corner transformation

Image courtesy of roeldriesvink/Reddit

Instead of sulking around, feeling bored, sitting in front of the TV, and gaining weight, she channeled her inner Marie Kondo and vowed to organize all her stuff. Well, the transformation has been nothing short of amazing, and we are all here for it.

Well, this is a good use of book-ends

When talking about book-ends, we naturally think of books and making sure they are organized. After all, that is their primary purpose. Who would have known that you could also use them for other things like organizing clothes and help create more space?

Image courtesy of sdho/Reddit

Who would have known that book-ends come in handy if you want to fold and organize your shirts in a drawer? Even Marie Kondo didn’t think of this hack. Thank goodness for people on the Internet who are willing to share their organizing secrets.

This hack will make sure your boots retain their shape

Boots are the perfect accessory for those cold winter months. They complete fall outfits, and they protect you from the cold during winter. Plus, they make you look very fashionable, too. However, the problem with boots is knowing how to store them properly.

Image courtesy of Pop Sugar

You want them to retain their shape and keep them clean and nice-looking so that you can still take them out to wear after a few months. How do you do that? By cutting Dollar Store pool noodles and putting them in the boots. Simple as that!

Don’t waste perfectly good space

Every home needs a pantry. Otherwise, where are you going to put all your canned goods and other food items? However, not all of us are lucky enough to have a pantry with enough storage space. Some of us have to make do with what we have.

Image courtesy of jneubs/Reddit

It’s not the end of the world yet even if you don’t have a massive pantry. The key is not to waste perfectly good space and make sure you use whatever you have wisely, as this person did. Use every inch of space, such as the space behind the door, which people usually forget about.

Vertical storage in the kitchen

Another area of the house that most people always complain that they don’t always have enough space in the kitchen. One of the most effective storage solutions in the kitchen that will enable you to find things quickly is vertical storage.

Image courtesy of Indulgy

If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the best time to do so. Look at this photo for inspiration, and we know that you will get plenty of ideas from it. We know that kitchen organization is a big challenge for most households, but it’s an opportunity to get super creative.

Now everything can finally be seen

If you’re into calligraphy, drawing, or writing, you probably have plenty of pens, markers, and office stuff lying around your home, and they’re probably here, there, and everywhere. No matter how many pens you have, you just can’t seem to find one.

Image courtesy of chique_pea/Reddit

Do what this woman did and organize your drawer. You will be pleased with what you see afterward because it’s going to look like you’re selling markers and all other sorts of supplies. Look at how orderly everything is! You’ll be able to find everything easily.

A great way to store pants and shorts

Some of the hardest pieces of clothing to organize are jeans and shorts. Sometimes, you just don’t have any idea if you should hang them or fold them. Lucky for you, this lady is willing to share her organization methods that work just like magic.

Image courtesy of LipstickMonkeyy/Reddit

She doesn’t hang her pants and shorts; she puts them in the drawer. Look at how tidy they are! It’s now easy to tell the difference between one pair of pants or shorts from another. We just hope they stay this organized for the foreseeable future.