Stunning Images Throughout History That’ll Blow Minds

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Is There An Alien Satellite Orbitting Earth?

Source: ItsTheVibe

Nikola Tesla picked up a radio signal in 1899, sounds that were believed to come from outer space. In the 1950’s rumors started that the noises came from a satellite that was sent to Earth’s orbit from aliens in space.

The S.S. Watertown Phantom Faces

Source: Reddit

When James Courtney and Michael Meehan were working on a cargo tank called the S.S. Watertown in 1924, the men died from being exposed to gas fumes. They were buried at sea like many sailors were at the time. A few days after their funeral, Captain Keith Tracy saw the reflection of both of the mens’ faces in the ocean water.

The Solway Firth Spaceman Mystery

Source: Reddit

This photo, taken in 1964, looks like there is a man in a space suit standing behind photographer Jim Templeton’s daughter. Some say it is just her mother in the background that is washed out by lighting and shadows. Regardless, this photo has been the subject of UFO theorists for decades.

The Mystery of the Hook Island Sea Monster

Source: Reddit

Was it a giant tadpole about to take over the world? A leaked oil spill? The remains from a gorilla’s stomach? I guess we’ll never fully know, and ideas as to what it is are prevalent on the web. Captured in Queensland, Australia by French photographer Robert Le Serecc, others of a more cynical/realistic deposition merely believe it to be a long tarp. And though that’s likely the case, no definitive conclusion was ever reached.

Hessdalen Lights: Alien or Natural Battery?

Source: ItsTheVibe

Many hypothesize that the lights in this photo were due to UFOs or extraterrestrials. To this day, there is no scientific reasoning behind the mysterious color scheme present in this photo.

Ted Danson and a... Ghost?

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

While Ted Danson is best known for his work on television shows like CheersBecker, and C.S.I, he also starred in many films throughout his career. One such film was the 1987 comedy film, 3 Men and a Baby. But what’s with that creepy little kid peering through the curtains? Let’s just say he wasn’t exactly part of the script…

Does The Babushka Lady Have Evidence To JFK’s Assassination?

Source: ItsTheVibe

This woman – nicknamed the “Babushka Lady” – was seen using a video recorder at the time of the shooting when everyone else was ducking for cover as President John F. Kennedy was being assassinated. The FBI tried finding her for years, but she never was identified.