The 11 Best Eyeglasses And Sunglasses For Distinguished Gentlemen


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Men appreciate style and accessorizing just as women do. With these fashionable frames, eyeglasses and blue light glasses for men from Warby Parker, the distinguished gentleman lucky enough to wear these frames will be set apart from everyone else. Here are the 11 best eyewear for the discerning man.

While this transparent gem takes after its namesake with the color of a clear crystal, these glasses actually come in different colors, too. These frames can also be outfitted with blue light filters for your eye comfort and safety needs. Get a couple more for $95.00.

Percey is a timeless classic in terms of its shape and bookish vibe. Its color in the chestnut crystal is semi-transparent akin to the color of freshly waxed wood. Get these glasses for $95.00.

This color is reminiscent of sparkling amber in burnt wood, a good choice of frames for men. Its shape is half round and half square for the perfect balance. Buy it for $95.00.

Rectangular lenses will never go out of style, especially if their transparent coloring is versatile and looks great with any shirt or suit. Get these classic frames for $95.00.

These oversized frames with the keyhole nose bridge hole work for men who have got wider jawlines and bigger faces. Look tough, distinguished, and intelligent with these sophisticated sunglasses worth $95.00.

A simple pair of modern round sunglasses make for a versatile accessory to any outfit. There may be other colors available, but the black transparent frames outshine the rest. These glasses cost just $95.00.

For men who are all around perfect, the Toddy sunglasses are the all-around perfect match with their round frames and interesting split coloring. These frames come in other colors but cost just $95.00.

Haskell is a pair of frames that are more appropriate for men with narrower faces. Classy and stylish while letting you and your outfit shine, these sunglasses are yours for only $95.00.

These frames rock a simple and straightforward rectangular shape with a single brow bar for men who are naturally straightforward. If you don’t like plain black, go after its semi-transparent terracotta counterpart for only $95.00.

Aviators are the staple of every exciting or daring man who wants to stand out from everyone else. The sunglasses are a pair that you always want with you. Buy this pair for $145.00.

These ultra round aviators are for the more relaxed aviator connoisseur. The round frames and thin wiry form factor and dark coloring are cool and light for men that want to look imposing without being too much. The classy double brow bar (one straight, one curved) makes these frames unique and one of a kind. Get it today for $145.00.