What Are the Best Haircuts for Women Over 50?

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There seems to be a strange misconception that as soon as a woman hits 50, she needs to start to think about chopping off her long hair or considering a perm. Although both of these are options, there are absolutely no rules to getting older. If you look good and feel good, that’s what matters! Remember, many people say that 50 is the new 30, and looking at the gorgeous 50+ celebrities out there, you’ll find it hard to disagree. Haircuts for women over 50 don’t have to be dull. Furthermore, the right haircut can take years off of you.

1. Keep It Shaggy

The classic shag is a low-maintenance, messy chic hairstyle that can shave years off your look. Unlike blunt cuts, this hairstyle has wispy ends that soften facial features and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The stylist uses a razor to chop in chunky, textured layers, injecting effortless volume to fine or thin hair.

2. Flip It Good!

Hair that flips up at the ends is having a moment once more. Celebrities of all ages are currently flipping out over the retro flip hairdo, which has its roots in the 1960s — think Mary Tyler Moore and Betty Draper of Mad Men.

While the big bouffant flips of yore are best left in the past, curled up ends can add buoyancy to the layers of an otherwise boring bob.

The easiest way to achieve this look is to spray freshly washed and dried hair with hairspray, then use a large-barrel curling iron to hair outward, segment by segment. Allow your hair to cool completely, then break up the curves so your flipped out ends look natural.

No curling iron? You can use a blow-dryer and a round brush, or even a flat iron in a pinch.

3. Cropped Coils

Curls weighing you down? Consider lightening your load by lopping off a few inches. Short, curly hair is not only cute, but it’s also freeing — you stay cool when temperatures fluctuate, use less product, and cut way down on styling time. It’s an easy-breezy, low-maintenance hairstyle that will keep you light on your feet and add a spring to your step.

Just make sure you keep your spirals loose and bouncy so they frame your beautiful face.

4. Living on the Wedge

The voluminous short-layered bob made famous by Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill in the 1970s has a new lease on life in the 21st century. Modern variations of the classic wedge still have the density the cut is renowned for. These days, however, the options are truly limitless. You can choose from asymmetrical or A-line shapes, different stacking techniques, graduated layers, or tapered backs. And, instead of smooth lines, tresses can take on a textural quality from the addition of waves, choppy layers, and highlights.

The updated wedge is perfect for women who want weightless, wash-and-wear hair that’s effortlessly elegant.

5. There's Nothing Wrong With Keeping it Long

The misconception that women over 50 should avoid having long hair is stupid. Long hair, like short hair, has no expiration date. There are plenty of women who are taking that misconception and putting it where the sun don’t shine on anyone who thinks they can’t have long hair. Women like Julianne Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker have redefined all of these silly notions. All longer hair over 50 means is that you know how to take care of it. And for that, you just need a good conditioner.

6. Retro Never Goes Out of Style

Retro styles can be anything from pin curls to victory curls; there are plenty of options to choose from. Back in the day, women wore their hair the way they wanted to and the way that they could. Now, we have legions of products that can help us to achieve those same looks. And you know what? They can look great. After all: Why be Greta Garbo when you could be Margo Channing or Norma Desmond?