10 Blue Light Glasses For The Stylish Geeks

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If you spend hours in front of a computer then it’s a must that you wear blue light glasses. For an additional $50, Warby Parker can turn these frames into blue light glasses.

This may look like something your grandad used to wear but it’s actually a modern frame with updated features. If you’re looking for a frame that is masculine and tough-looking, then this is the frame you should get.

The aviator frame never goes out of style. But unlike aviators of old, this one is made with lightweight steel. So it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s actually designed to be worn all-day-long. But it’s also very tough because it’s made from an impact-resistant material.

This frame is made specifically for people with a low bridge. It’s also perfect for those with wide faces and high cheekbones. It may have a squarish profile but it’s definitely not boring.

This is another frame that is made for individuals with a low bridge, a wide face, and high cheekbones. The round lenses of this frame will certainly catch attention. It’s one good-looking frame that will enhance your best facial features.

This is a classic Windsor frame with updated features. Its oval shape exudes a sense of elegance. This is the perfect frame for true gentlemen out there. This frame is perfect for men with a narrow face.

This version of the classic Louise frame has a slightly oversized frame. The cat-eye shape will surely turn any woman into a charming gal. This frame is ideal for women with a low bridge.

So you’re just looking for a simple black frame. You don’t want anything fancy. This frame is as simple as it can get. With its rectangular lenses, this frame is ideal for those with a wide face.

Can’t decide whether to get a rounded or an angular frame? Then get the Bryson and enjoy the best of both worlds. If you have a wide face, then this frame should fit you well.

This has a wide rectangular frame that is perfect for those with a broad face. Warby Parker has a knack for updating classic frames and making them more appropriate for the new times. They particularly did a good job with this one.

You men business but you also know how to have fun. With its professional yet playful design, the Seymour is the perfect frame for you.