7 Stylish Glasses Frames Adjust Your Face Shape

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Wearing glasses nowadays is not only because of the need for vision correction but has become a fashion in itself. Various forms of eyeglass frames are available to adjust the shape of the face. Here are the recommendations.

Hughes glasses have a bold frame, are easy to wear. It has a square shape that fits almost any face shape. Made from cellulose acetate by hand. Available in narrow, medium, and wide sizes.

The frame is in a classic cat-eye shape and a unique peacock green color. The lenses are facing upwards and the gorgeous browline is perfectly curved. Made of cellulose acetate and screws with Akulon coating. Available in narrow and medium sizes.

Beautiful eyeglass frame, crystal with rose color. Has around the lens and Low Bridge Fit construction, suitable for small face types. Made from cellulose acetate and features Akulon-coated screws for durability.

The curved browline shape and sleek construction and low bridge fit is the right combination for first class. Made from cellulose acetate and features Akulon-coated screws for durability. Available in medium size.

The frame has a classic mixed modern shape, the top is slightly square and the bottom is round. Available in a narrow size.

With a tortoiseshell motif, Effie’s frame is very attractive with a thick browline that extends down the bridge of the nose. Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate and available in wide sizes.

Having a semi-rimless silhouette and a combination of stainless steel and custom cellulose acetate, the James Frame is great for an authoritative impression for the wearer. Equipped with a lens that protects from UVA and UVB rays, and is coated with anti-scratch and anti-reflection. Available in medium and wide.