8 Customized Drinking Mug They’ll Never Forget

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If you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or big day coming up for a guy that you know and care about, it can be a bit stressful finding something for them that you know they’ll like. Thankfully there are options out there. Rather than get him something super generic like a random pair of shoes or a jacket, consider making it more personalized so that it’s just for him.

Here, we’ve found awesome Drinking Mugs that allow for complete customization. This way, not only will you be getting him a great quality mug, but your particular design and style will make it truly unforgettable.

A super cool mug with an even cooler overall design. This 14 oz mug has over 6 different color choices and can have the personalized design put squarely on its face.

For the coffee-loving Frenchman, this awesome mug has a super cool regal matte finish that gives the drinker a super-refined look just from sipping. Just needs a long cigarette and a super strong French stereotypical accent.

An awesome option for the person that likes to take long swigs of beer while at a game. Hold the tankard by the handle with a cool thumbprint area, or grab it by the body like a Norse god. Just be sure not to smash it when you finish.

This metallic mug is awesome for the coffee drinker or the guy that lives down at the office. Not only will it look great with your design, but its shiny body is an instant conversation starter.

This big boy holds an extra 4 ounces of liquid. If they’re a heavy drinker (coffee of course) then this is the mug to get

A great option for the guys that love outdoor camping and hiking. This is a mug that they’ll take with them everywhere.

A super classic mug that still looks great. It has a bit of a unique flair to it with its white interior that makes it perfectly stand out.

The true camping coffee drinking mug. This guy is insulated so that they can keep their hot drinks hot and their cool drinks cool.