9 Sustainable Clothes And Shoes For Your Fashion Needs

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More and more people are realizing that fast fashion is not always a solid choice for everyday fashion. Besides their shoddy production, wearing them can also get repetitive. These days, people are after apparel that embodies their advocacies.

These nine sustainable clothes and footwear are great choices for anyone who wants to look fashionable.

This pair of shoes for the ladies is shock-absorbent and aesthetically pleasing. With comfortable and sturdy interiors, it is perfect for running and casual strolls around the park and the mall.

This wool beanie made of ZQ Merino is a cozy, unisex accessory for cold days. It looks adorable on almost everyone and fits snugly on the head. Even better, it also has a small carbon footprint.

This natural run tee for men is comfortable and fashionable. Designed for lengthy runs and workout sessions, it is ultra-light and made from breathable mesh fabric material.

This tank top can be used for running, walking, and training sessions. Made from breathable fabric, it also naturally regulates your temperature and has a relaxed fit along the hips. The perfect companion to your workout weekends.

This sweatshirt has a modern and slim fit, made with organic Pima cotton that is soft to the touch. For those looking to have a stylish and sustainable sweatshirt for work or school use, you cannot go wrong with this one.

These sweatpants have a retro vibe while featuring a modern and sleek design. Made from natural materials, it is a great choice for casual hangouts with friends and family. The texture is soft and light, but the quality is durable.

These dasher mizzles are perfect for running, even on wet surfaces! With water repellent technology and an all-condition traction grip, these shoes are sustainable yet safe and fashionable.

These soft and cozy shoes fit different occasions. Despite a simple design, it mixes well with many different fits. If you want a reliable pair of shoes for frequent use, this carbon-neutral pair is an excellent and stylish choice.

These running shoes for women are made to withstand even the stormiest weather. Made with renewable materials and equipped with water-repellent technology, these are a very reliable pair. It also minimizes odor and allows for flexible movement.