Carrying in Style: 5 Best Backpacks for Women in 2019

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No matter what line of work you find yourself in, a backpack is one of those accessories that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe. Besides providing the convenience of keeping your hands free from the hassles of a handbag, they also make a fashion statement.

Rocking a backpack the right way, though, starts with picking the right one. That is why we have researched some of the hottest, diverse picks to make a selection from.

And yes – you can own more than one backpack for different days!

#1 Kanken Water Resistant Backpack

The first thing that attracted us about the Kanken Water Resistant Backpack was the retro design. The iconic backpack has now been fitted with a more modern feel and outlook to give your appearance the best of both worlds – so to speak.

The functionality of this backpack is heighted in the Vinyl fabric build which makes it water resistant. Available in a variety of bold and cool colors match your personality, this is one timeless pick.

#2 Kaya Faux Leather Backpack

This Kaya Faux Leather Backpack is a great fit for students and other women who like to lug their laptops around with them. Standing at 15 inches, it would accommodate even the biggest laptop computers.

Its faux leather exterior makes it water resistant, protecting your computer and other important items from water damage if you ever get caught up under a rain. Featuring a stitched design on the exterior and a more interesting interior, we cannot but fall in love with this pick.

#3 Emery Faux Leather Backpack

The beauty of this Emery Faux Leather Backpack is in its simplicity and reversibility. Available as both a backpack and hand-carried bag, it matches a wide variety of events and outings than most others.

The bag is also fitted with a handful of compartments which allows you sort your items for carriage better.  On the inside, there are specialized compartments for smartphones and other small, important items.

Protected by the two-way exterior zip pockets, a faux leather finish ensures water resistance too.

#4 Marcelle Suede Backpack

It needs no telling that we had the suede lovers in mind when we were making this choice. Beyond a smooth finishing, though, this Marcelle Suede Backpack also shines in how it can readily be converted to a handbag with its top carry handles.

Besides those, there are interior zip pockets for securing valuables and smaller items that could get lost in the bag. Finished with a leather build in every other place where the suede is not used, this pick guarantees you the feeling of premium.

#5 Drawstring Convertible Messenger/ Crossbody Bag

Have you been looking for a bag that brings a statement with it? Because that’s just what this Drawstring Convertible Messenger/ Crossbody Bag provides.

The design of the bag is such that it can be used as a conventional backpack and converted to a crossbody option on other days. The bag can also hold its own well, having been built with rugged fabrics.

Coming with a removable crossbody chain to switch things up whenever you feel like it, here is one bag that gives you all the freedom you want.