Hip Blue Light Glasses That Will Catch People’s Attention

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Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? Then maybe it’s time for you to invest in blue light glasses. Getting blue light glasses is the best way to protect your eyes unless you can give up all your gadgets altogether. You can add blue-light filtering to all of the glasses below for an additional minimal fee.

This is a popular type of frame thanks to its sloped rectangular shape and its low bridge fit. So if you’re looking for glasses that can flatter the features of your face, this is the frame to get. It’s guaranteed to be durable too because it’s made from hand-polished cellulose material.

Wilkie is a frame that will look good on any face shape. So if you don’t know what kind of frame will look good on you, then you can get this frame. The versatility of this frame lies in its sloped rectangular shape.

This type of frame is perfect for people who are looking for a more angular type of frame. The slim, rectangular profile will lend an elongated look to your face. The slightly oversized silhouette gives these glasses an updated look.

If you are brave enough to step out of the ordinary then this frame could be the one for you. Its slim construction is perfect for those who require a more narrow silhouette. The curved browline and low bridge fit make these glasses even more flattering.

This cute little frame is perfect for women who want more from their glasses. With a frame as attractive as this one, no one will ever tease you about wearing glasses. This is probably one of the best-looking frames in Warby Parker’s collection.

Are you a nerd or a party animal? Or maybe you’re both. Keep people guessing as you wear this gorgeous rounded frame. The pronounced keyhole bridge makes it more interesting. If you want to inspire intrigue, this is the frame to get.

So if you want something simple without being boring then this frame is perfect for you. Its straightforward design will tell people that you’re a no-nonsense person. Its attractive details, on the other hand, will tell them that you have a taste.

Anyone can be as cute as a flower with this frame. It has an understated cat-eye lens that will surely catch attention.