People who asked for Photoshop help and got hilarious results

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There are Photoshop experts out there willing to lend a helping hand to people and thus fix their most awful picture-related mistakes, but one guy James Fridman, has decided it would be fun to troll people and Photoshop their pictures in a way they never imagined. Just like the genie of old, who used to grant one lucky person three wishes, you have to be very, very careful about how you phrase those wishes. If you’re not, you might end up like the people in this article.

Taking things a little too literally

In case it wasn’t already obvious enough, James is a pretty big fan of taking things more literally than they were really meant. In this situation, this girl wanted to surprise her boyfriend by turning him into one of his idols.

He definitely would’ve gotten a kick out of seeing himself in boxing gloves, ready to rumble, but where’s the fun in that? He could just buy boxing gear if he wanted that! Instead, this Photoshop job lets him be something he could never be in real life. Arf arf

Be careful what you wish for….

Here’s a rare instance of someone actually getting the Photoshop work that they specifically asked for. But, as always, there was a catch. This woman wanted a version of her photo without that pesky gardener in the back distracting from her well-thought out composition.

She got that, but she learned a lesson in the process. If it weren’t for that humble man on his watering route, this is what the world would look like. How sad! Side note: those arches look really creepy without any leaves. Yikes.

Most people probably don’t think of pizza delivery people as the most classy people on the planet, but hey, maybe we need to change that narrative. They do hard work so that we never have to leave our house. We get to stay at home, chilling on the couch and eating a great dinner, all because of their service.

We salute you. We get that the pizza boxes in the background might look a bit messy, but think about the hard-working individuals who brought them there. Take a walk in their shoes!

There were a few different possible approaches that could’ve been taken on this one. The most obvious one was to just Photoshop out the mannequin on the right and replace it with a real woman, but there’s no joy in that.

Instead, he decided to replace the guy all together to make it a 100% mannequin photoshoot. It’s really well done, but we’ll be darned if it isn’t super creepy. Mannequins deserve love too, we guess, but the way he’s looking at her gives us the heebie jeebies.