The Brightest Stars Of The ’80s – Where Are They Now? Which Superstar Ruined His Promising Career Because Of Poor Legal Advice From Their Attorney?

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If you’d like to catch up with your favorite stars from the’80s, then keep reading. We are sure that you are wondering where some of the most famous celebrities from the ’80s are and what they are up to these days. We certainly have, so we made a list of the brightest stars from back then.

Some of them ran into financial issues and had to refinance, while a lot faced problems with alcohol and went to drug and alcohol rehab. There also see celebs who managed to get even richer over the years. If you have questions about our ’80s stars, you’re in luck, because we have all the answers.

Don Johnson – Miami Vice

Don Johnson began his career as a stage and movie actor in the ’70s. His rise to fame began when he appeared on the popular series Miami Vice, where he portrayed Det. Sonny Crockett in a city filled with drugs, lawyers and gangsters. Don also released two music albums during the ’80s, with the single ‘Heartbeat’ getting to No.5 on the Billboard charts. Nowadays, you can catch him on the TV show Eastbound & Down.

Matt Dillon – Bad Boy

A very promising young actor from the early ’80s was Matt Dillon. Matt played a bad boy in many movies, including Rumble Fish, My Bodyguard, and Little Darlings. He also made appearances in several comedy films alongside Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson. He once played a drug addict in the movie Drugstore Cowboy, which was praised both by audiences and critics.

Mel Gibson – Alcohol Abuse

Mel Gibson has come back after being in Hollywood exile for over ten years. Mel was a huge star in the ’80s, but his behavior got too out of hand for Hollywood to handle. The actor was once barred from driving since he was arrested driving under the influence of alcohol. His DUI attorney was again able to avoid a prison sentence when he got arrested under the same charges in 2006. We hope he keeps the best criminal attorney in his contacts list as it might come in handy if he continues his dangerous behavior.

Kiefer Sutherland – Legal Issues

Kiefer Sutherland started his career in America as the bully Ace in the classic ’80s movie, Stand By Me. He is the son of famous veteran actor Donald Sutherland, thus he must have gotten part of his acting skills from his dad. He is another celebrity who needed a good DUI lawyer after he got arrested for driving under the influence charges in L. A. in 2007. A few weeks later, he apologized for his behavior. It’s a good thing that Kiefer doesn’t need to go to any alcohol rehab facilities (at least, as far as we know).

Harrison Ford – Frequent Injuries

Harrison Ford became one of the most popular Hollywood actors in the late ’70s. His rise to stardom began with his appearance in the Star Wars original franchise, portraying the heroic rogue Han Solo. Later, he appeared in many other films, including the Indiana Jones movie series. Harrison got a lot out of his health insurance when he herniated a disk in his back in 1983. He also hurt his ankle in 2014 while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens – a great opportunity for a PI attorney.

Harrison Ford – Frequent Injuries

Jenilee Harrison is best known for appearing on the hit TV show Three’s Company where she was the replacement for the blonde roommate named Cindy Show after Suzanne Somers left the show. Her marriage with Bruce Oppenheim, a doctor, has stood the test of time since 1993. The actress mustn’t have searched for a divorce attorney since she’s been happily married for more than twenty years now.

Harrison Ford – Frequent Injuries

Demi Moore was a very familiar face for those who happened to love the movie industry back in the ’80s. Back then, she had had a number of lead roles, but on her road to stardom, she almost lost her faith in love, as she required a divorce lawyer three times. Yes, you heard it right, Demi Moore got divorced three times and her marriages didn’t last much either. So it would seem she had to change the locks, as well as her life insurance beneficiaries a couple of times.

Patrick Dempsey – Highschool Dropout

Patrick became a high school dropout to pursue a career in something he had always loved –  acting. We have to admit, it probably was the right call. He began his career as a theater actor, getting a role when he was just fifteen years old. He has had a screen presence ever since. Grey’s Anatomy made him a household name, made even sweeter with a bank account opening to store the money he earned for each episode he did. Patrick has also been involved with cancer research as his mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She died at the age of 79.

Matthew Broderick – Tragic Crash

Matthew Broderick became famous mostly for his role in the iconic comedy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. However, the actor has had many other roles as well. He is happily married to actress Sarah Jessica Parker and the couple remains inseparable for over twenty years now. The actor needed a personal injury attorney once since he suffered from fractured ribs, a fractured leg and a concussion because of a car crash while driving a rented car in 1987.

Drew Barrymore – Substance Abuse

Drew Barrymore captured our hearts with her appearance in the iconic movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which was released in 1982. It was more than apparent that Drew was born to be a star. However, she went through a rough patch during her teenage years, battling substance abuse. Not much was written about her inpatient drug rehab but in the end, she was able to overcome her condition successfully. Nowadays, she has her own family and has made a successful comeback into the acting world.