Standing Tall: 5 Exquisite Booties You Should Add to Your Wardrobe

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Flat soles, heels, wedges… but something is missing. You guessed right – ankle boots and booties.

We are yet to see a complete wardrobe that didn’t have a couple of those picks in there. You will agree with us that they have a way of instilling even more confidence in the wearer.

What’s more? The good ones are timeless and can be rocked when you feel like it.

But then, you still have to pick the best one. We have done all the hard work for you and come up with the top 5 that you should look forward to rocking sometimes soon.

#1 BP Barris Block Heel Bootie

#1 BP Barris Block Heel Bootie

Block heels provide more stability than heels, but the block can make them unsightly. That is not the issue with this BP Barris Block Heel Bootie which married the shoe frame to the block in such impeccable ways, it doesn’t take too much attention to itself.

The upper part of this bootie is made of leather which is then paired with synthetic lining and a rubber sole for comfort. The design doesn’t end on the back where perforations are used to the best effect.

Ideal for different seasons, no wardrobe is complete without this one.

#2 Alva Bootie

Taking a first look at the Alva Bootie brings the promise of simplicity. The good news is that there is so much more to the unit than that.

In fact, it has been designed to be as user-centric and durable as can be. This is evident in the insert-area of the bootie being made of an elastic material to allow seamless wear and removal without strain on this part.

That is furthered with the use of a synthetic lining and sole to prevent heat trapping while heightening comfort. Complete with a perfectly sloped design, you get four colors to pick from.

#3 Linda Waterproof Bootie

#3 Linda Waterproof Bootie

Scared the rain might ruin your shoe? The Linda Waterproof Bootie has got you covered.

This highly versatile bootie goes with almost any ensemble in your wardrobe. That versatility is ensured with a variety of 4 different colors to pick from.

The waterproof leather also helps your boot protects itself against water splashes and the rain, securing your investment for longer. Finished with a shorter block for people concerned about stability, the side zipper design makes for better wearability and a more modern feel too.

#4 Hilty Bootie

If the name has not already given it off, this Hilty Bootie is one for those who like to go tall. Its design offers the perfect crossover between high tops, heels and wedges to create a more uniformed and unique feel for the wearer.

This shoe goes a notch further by providing three different color options across standard size ranges. If you were wondering, the top is made of quality leather, and the soles have that rubbery feel to them.

Should you be looking to add an extra bounce to your gait, a new spring to your step and a couple inches to your height, this is the ideal pick for you.

#5 Keannie Sandal

Need something casual yet interesting at the same time? Look no further than the Keannie Sandal.

This unit is the bridge between getting an ordinary sandal and going all out for a wedge boot. A system of adjustable hook and loop straps helps to secure the boot in place, ensuring a snug fit for all leg sizes.

It also features an open back and open toe design for better breathability. Still on the breathability, the perforated top makes for a beauty to behold.